Social Aspect of Poshmark

Like, Follow, Share on Poshmark Explained

Poshmark sets itself up as and touts itself as a social ecommerce platform.  This is true to a degree.  It is far more social than Ebay, Mercari, etc, but it's still nothing like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


Easily, the first rule of Poshmark is SHARE. Share, share, share, then share some more. 

What does that mean? 

It means a couple different things.  Firstly and most importantly, SHARE the items from your own closet.  Every single Facebook post, Reddit forum, etc will give this sage advice to every single person asking what they can do to boost sales, etc.  Sharing your own closet is almost mandatory on Poshmark - it's not, but it might as well be.  

Every morning before I roll out of bed, I share my closet.  It takes 5-10 minutes and I have 400+ active listings (at the time of this post).  I try to share my closet several times throughout the day, then at least one more time in the evening/at night.

I share from my phone - I think this is the fastest and easiest way.

The other sharing on Poshmark is sharing other people's closets.  No, not their entire closet, but at least 1 item from their closet.  Poshmark encourages users to share items from others' closets, specifically new users/fresh closets.  And this is important to do when you are a new user yourself, especially if you want to become a Posh Ambassador (more on that later).  

Sharing of other people's closets can be reciprocal or you can start it first.  Before becoming Posh Ambassador, I made it a point to follow and share new users & fresh closets. I also did the reciprocal sharing thing and still do.  At first, I would share back as many shares as I received. Example:  if USERX shared 10 of my items, I would share 10 of USERX's items.  I quickly learned that this is very time consuming and honestly time is a valuable commodity.  I switched from exact reciprocal sharing to sharing 8 items per person's closets.  Now I'm down to 4 items.  This way, on my phone, I can scroll down to get 4 things in the screen, hit share, share, share, share and I'm done!  This is my personal method and seems to be working just fine. 

Most times, you'll be sharing to your followers.  Poshmark hosts daily "parties" (several times a day) and you might have the option to share into those parties, if applicable.  When I'm sharing my closet, I share to both my followers and to whatever party might be happening. 

One last note about sharing: "Sharing your items BUMPS up each item, to it's respective search queues (no matter how many followers you may have)! It does also go to your follower's feeds too, but that's not as important for sales. You are sharing to bump your items to the top - for the moments before someone else shares their similar item. This is the coolest thing about Poshmark. Edit-next-list and just hitting "share" are equal, as far as bumping your item to the top." - Reddit user


When it comes to LIKES...they don't necessarily mean the same thing as liking something on IG or FB.

There are so many reasons why someone may like something in your closet. They could:

  • Actually just like it and that's it
  • Want to bookmark it or save it for later
  • It was an accident
  • They're new and don't know that likes don't have to be reciprocal
  • They know that the seller may offer them a discount
  • It's another seller with that item and want to track the progress on your item

And more, I'm sure, but these seem to the top 6

So, as a seller, when someone likes your item(s), take it as a good thing! This is an opportunity to make a sale and at minimum, it's validation that you have a cool item in your closet.

Poshmark will send out emails a bit too frequently IMO to urge you to lower your prices to make  sale. Sometimes this is through Closet Clear Out (CCO) or Offer To Likers (OTL).

By no means do you have to wait for Poshmark to email you, you can look at your news feed and see what in your closet has likes at any time.  When someone likes something of yours, you can select "Offer/Price Drop".  Once you click that, it'll have you choose Edit Listing Price (public) or Offer to Likers (private). I've almost only selected offer to likers. Then I make an offer!  Sometimes I just offer $5-10 less than listing price, other times I'll utilize the calculator they provide and offer 10, 20, or 30% off.

But, here's the catch. By doing this, Poshmark forces you to also offer a shipping discount of either $4.99, $5.99, or FREE.  In either scenario, the shipping discount COMES OUT OF YOUR EARNINGS/PROFIT. Yes. Out of your pocket, essentially.  Granted, this isn't necessarily a bad thing when you're selling high ticket items.  I only have 2 things that I will happily offer free shipping on. The rest, I begrudgingly offer $4.99 shipping.  One of Poshmark's glaring flaws, IMO, is that we cannot offer to ship on our own - meaning, calculating shipping based on location and ship it far cheaper than Poshmark.  


All things under 1 lb can be shipped via First Class shipping for $1-3.  This will require a scale, but I know that tank top I sold is definitely under 1 lb and shouldn't cost $7.45 to ship. But alas, this is Poshmark's rule and $7.45 for 1 to 3 days shipping is a good deal a lot of the time. Poshmark negotiated that rate with the post office.  It's definitely a good deal compared to the other big selling platforms.


Another thing that Poshers do is bundle an item or items.  This will appear in your news feed or depending on your notification settings, you'll get a notification on your phone.

Again, there's a mystery surrounding why people add just 1 item to a bundle then no activity.

  • People might have added 1 item to a bundle on accident.
  • Maybe they want you to give them a discount (I believe you don't have to offer a shipping discount here).
  • But when a user bundles more than 1 item, it's a good sign that they're very interested in buying all the items they've added - usually at a discount.
  • Messaging/comments in bundles, like all messaging/comments ARE NOT PRIVATE.


Followers on Poshmark aren't exactly the same thing as followers on Instagram; they're similar though.  The goal is of course to get a lot of followers.

As far as I understand, most users on Poshmark don't log on and scroll through all the people they're following to see what they've just shared or newly listed for sale.  So in that sense, it's unlike Instagram.  Your news feed will be updating every second with someone who just shared something from their closet and most people don't shop at random - at least not online.

How to get followers?  You'll be followed a lot when you first start using Poshmark.  You'll end up in just joined and/or fresh closets and because Poshmark encourages everyone to follow from those 2 groups, you'll be getting 100-200 followers a day.

You can start following people in hopes that they will follow you back.  I still gain followers by going to another user's closet and following all or most of their followers. I choose other closets that are similar to mine, either in style or in types of items.  Currently, I'm trying to up my vintage clothing game, so when I come across a vintage clothes seller, I make sure to follow a bunch of their followers.

Most online shoppers use a search engine or the search engine in their preferred platform to find what they're looking for.  

Example:  USERX is looking for a red t shirt.  USERX can google red t shirt and get thousands of online stores selling a red t shirt.  USERX may also go on to Poshmark and search for red t shirt.  Whether or not USERX is following you or vice versa, if you're selling a red t shirt, have it typed out exactly like that in your title and/or description, AND if you share your entire closet often, the chances that YOUR red t shirt popping up for USERX is fairly high.  Does that make sense?  

Essentially, following thousands of users and having thousands of followers is good for your closet and the [allegedly not real] Poshmark algorithm, it still boils down to a great and precise title, thorough description, and sharing your closet. A lot.  


Just to put this out there right away - there is no messaging, private messaging, direct messaging, etc on Poshmark. It's all done by public comments. The way to communicate with potential buyers and sellers is to leave a comment.  Every user should have a Meet The Posher (MTP) "listing" or post in their closet.  Most people's MTPs will have a bunch of comments, mostly welcome to Poshmark, tips & tricks, and compliments on their closets.  

But the way to really communicate directly with a seller or buyer is to comment on the listing of interest.  Remember, this is public, every comment can be seen by every user on Poshmark, so think twice before leaving a rude, snarky, threatening, or bitchy comment on someone's listing.


If someone comments on one of your listings (or your MTP) asking to take the transaction off of Poshmark, IGNORE IT.  First off, this is against the rules on Poshmark.  Secondly, that person is more than likely a scammer or worse.  So DON'T ever give your email address out or your phone number and certainly do not email or text that person.

You can either comment back and say no thank you, or you can just ignore them, or you can do either of those 2 options AND block that user.  

But no matter what - don't engage and follow along with their requests.