Reselling Small Appliances

What to Look for When Reselling Small Appliances

I don't personally set a lot in the way of small appliances and kitchen items, but I do come across random things here and there when I'm out sourcing. Like we've mentioned before, there's value in reselling kitchen items when the buy in price is low. People need and want things for their kitchens and don't always want to spend a lot of money. 

I recently found a high end brand cookie press at the bins, still in the box which is pretty amazing at the bins. I haven't listed it yet, but will update this post once I do and the results. I'll also be listing a fat separator that we received as a gift, but we have no use for. These are just a couple random kitchen items that will most likely sell for a profit.

I did sell a Kitchen Aid stand ice cream maker attachment (brand new in the box) and a brand new, never used espresso maker. The ice cream attachment was sold local pick up and the espresso machine was sold on eBay and shipped. Because the espresso machine was still in it's original packaging, I felt way more comfortable sending that in the mail because it was in it's snug styrofoam packing material. 

People are looking to buy replacements for appliances that they love but don't make anymore, so don't overlook kitchen items that seem a little old, especially if they are still in their original boxes or packaging. For instance, I have this little hot water machine called a "Hot Shot". It brings water to a near boil in less than 60 seconds. I have never seen one since I bought it and if that thing stops working, I very well might turn to eBay or Mercari to find a replacement because I love it so much.

When it comes to reselling small appliances and kitchen items, you can list them on eBay, Mercari, Facebook Marketplace, and with some degree on Poshmark. Your vintage items can also get listed on Etsy. That's up to 5 places to sell your stuff on and quintuple your chances of your item selling!

High end kitchen brands to look for when you're out sourcing:

  • Kitchen Aid
  • Sur La Table
  • Williams Sonoma
  • Pottery Barn
  • Le Creuset

BOLOs to always keep an eye for when sourcing:

  • Vintage Pyrex
  • Fiesta Ware
  • MCM (Mid Century Modern) Glassware
  • Black and Decker spacemaker products

Cool Stuff to Keep An Eye For:

  • Tupperware
  • Quirky mugs and/or vintage mugs
  • Starbucks mugs - Starbucks anything, really
  • Certain vintage tea cups and saucers - made of (bone) china
  • Tea cups and saucers, small plates, etc made in Japan
  • Napkin rings
  • Wine accessories and accoutrement related to wine
  • Sports teams and/or alcohol related glassware
  • Vintage bake ware, canisters, copper ware, and decor

* Be careful with buying glassware to resell. Make sure you'll be able to ship it securely and safely. Remember the box in a box shipping trick.

Plates and dishes aren't a big resell item, but they can be if you're looking for and find the right stuff. Fiesta Ware is the new hot ticket item, and if you're not familiar, they're super brightly colored plates and dishes. And it should say Fiesta Ware on the bottom. Le Creuset products are also somewhat brightly colored, but they're main feature is weight - they're super heavy cast iron products, at least the ones you'll be wanting to score. 

When it comes to MCM glassware and such, it can get a little tricky because you kind of just have to take a gamble unless you know for sure that what you found is for sure vintage/mid century. It's tricky because contemporary glassware is sometimes made or designed with MCM patterns or colors. If you can, take a glance at a vintage market or antique mall to get an idea of true MCM stuff. 

Black and Decker Spacemaker products are the current BOLO. The toaster ovens and electric can openers seem to be the hot items right now, according to an expert in one of the Facebook groups I'm in. He has sold at least 10 or 15 B & D spacemaker items and they sell for upwards of $100, so for sure, if you see one, get one!

Pro Tip: If you do find one of these and are list them, use both "Spacemaker" and "Space Maker" in your title and/or description.

Wine and Bar Glassware and Accessories - I sold a set of 4 burgundy wine glasses pretty quickly. When it comes to these items, the high end brands will do well, like Lenox or Waterford. Rabbit and Houdini are good brands for wine openers and the like. I would steer clear of Coke glasses, they are too plentiful and available to make them a good flip.

Vintage Pyrex is a HUGE BOLO, especially if you find it cheap and in a coveted pattern. Vintage pyrex is easy to notice - usually pastel or primary colors (sometimes brown or white, too) with a variety of patterns and sometimes just plain, solid colors. The vintage pyrex is a thick milk glass and will say Pyrex on the bottom most often accompanied by a number. There's a huge vintage pyrex collecting community, so if you ever find pyrex, grab it and run! 

Also keep an eye out for Fire King - very similar to Pyrex, but stay away from Pyr-O-Rey (aka Dynaware).

It's worth mentioning that you may come across Corning Ware - it's NOT worth what some sellers are selling it for on eBay. There are speculations of money laundering or a high payment for something else. It's not worth thousands, trust. 

Disney kitchen and home goods are very good items to pick up. A lot of my Disney stuff has sold pretty quickly, with few exceptions. There are hard core, die hard Disney fanatics and want to get their hands on anything they can. If you've ever been to one of the parks or a Disney store, you know they have expanded extensively into home and kitchen products - mugs, plates, cups, glasses, towels, bathroom accessories, coasters, oven mitts, serving trays, you get the idea. So almost always a green light on Disney stuff.

A quick eBay search under small appliances yields a lot of coffee makers, especially percolators / kettles. Second most popular small appliance for sale is crockpots or slow cookers. If you see things like that, definitely grab it to check sold comps. Replacement parts and cords are also listed and there are definitely resellers that say to always pick up cords, remotes, and replacement parts for things - big sellers.