Shipping on Poshmark

You've Made A Sale on Poshmark! Now What?

priority mail packages

So you've made a sale! Now What? 

Questions about shipping on Poshmark are often asked in the various groups & forums, so here's an overly simple answer:

Firstly, you have 5 days to mail the item out. Secondly, pack it up and ship it.

The longer more detailed answer:

Poshmark charges a flat $7.45 for each package up to 5 lbs, paid by the buyer.  (There are exceptions to the $7.45 flat rate...a seller can offer the buyer a discount or offer free shipping.)  A prepaid, pre-addressed mailing label will be emailed to you. If your package is over 5 lbs, Poshmark has a guide for you.

On Poshmark there is a certain expectation of your packaging.  At minimum, your item should be packaged neatly with some kind of clean wrapping or bag, then tucked inside a box or polymailer. For maximum effort, you'll want to tie your item's wrapping with ribbon or string, include a thank you card, and a free small gift.

My research about selling and shipping on Poshmark led me to believe maximum effort was somewhat necessary.  And I swear it was mentioned somewhere on Poshmark. And secondly, even though this item is second-hand (even NWT), it's new to your buyer and should reflect as such.

After some trial and error, my packaging is as follows:

  • Folded neatly - do a double check to make sure there are no missed flaws, pilling is gone or very minimal, and smells clean or neutral/non scented.
  • Wrap item with plain white tissue paper 
  • Tied with yarn or colored string
  • A small paper stamped with "thank you" on it
  • Two skateboard / laptop / hydro flask stickers
item wrapped in white tissue tied with string

I use the free priority mail tyvek envelopes from USPS or polymailers which I've ordered from Ebay. I use the free boxes from USPS for bulky items or when I'm selling a bundle of things. You can use any decorative or plain polymailer you'd like and you can also use any standard brown shipping box.

Packaging materials can be found or purchased on:

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Other poshers
  • TJMaxx / Marshall's / Home Goods / Ross
  • Costco - especially plain white tissue paper
  • Jo Ann Fabrics
  • Michael's
  • Extra wrapping from your own stash
  • Thrift stores
  • Garage sales
  • Estate sales
  • Uline

To keep costs down, I try to get my materials from clearance aisles or on sale and try to keep an eye out when sourcing.

priority envelope
priority mail versus express mail

A note about free boxes on USPS:

Poshmark has added to their shipping labels that we can use any box including FLAT RATE boxes. These can be physically picked up at any post office OR shipped to you. USPS boxes and mailers are FREE!   


There's plenty of discussion about how to pack up your items for shipping on Poshmark on the various blogs, reddit boards, FB groups, etc.  Some people for sure reuse boxes, which I'm definitely a fan of, and reuse packing materials like styrofoam, paper, etc.  Some people don't do thank you cards and rather use extra scraps of paper or what have you to write out a quick thank you. The free gift part is little iffy. Here's what other poshers say they do or have experienced firsthand:

  • Buy jewelry wholesale (such as bangle bracelets) and include a few in a cute bag
  • Socks
  • Make up brush
  • Sticker(s)
  • Business card
  • Candy
  • Dollar store items
  • A dress (What!?)
  • Things from around the house - which I want to probe further how do you know it's "from around the house"?  I would not add anything I have laying around as a free gift, not to say I have a junk house or a hoarder's house, quite the opposite, I just don't think of Poshmark as a donation station.
  • And lastly, nothing. No free gift

How you pack your items to send out is completely up to you.  As long as everything is neat, clean, and tidy, you should have no problem.  People tend to appreciate the extra effort or free gift, some people don't, and others appreciate the recycled materials as part of the whole second hand movement that's happening. I'm in a super sunny part of California, but I need to be mindful that other parts of the country have rain and snow, so when shipping in a box, I'll use a plastic bag or bubble wrap to keep the item dry.

A last few thoughts on packaging and shipping:

For clothes sellers, our items are soft and non-breakable, so polymailers, padded or cardboard envelopes, and tyvek mailers are just fine and are water resistant. I've not had any complaints (knock on wood) about using polymailers thus far. Any box will do for any item you sell, except for Priority Mail Express (those are blue, not red). If you use a priority express box or envelope, the post office will find a way to charge you that extra (very extra) fee. 

Ultimately, just make sure the item you sold and shipped is clean and as described. And shipped promptly!