Introduction to Reselling on Poshmark

Overview of Selling and Reselling on Poshmark

Founded in 2011, Poshmark as emerged as a rather fierce ecommerce competitor against Amazon, eBay, and Mercari. Poshmark recently went public and stocks can now be bought and sold on the NYSE. 

Poshmark is incredibly easy to use and navigate, honestly. The app and desktop versions are virtually identical, so when it comes to listing on Poshmark, it's entirely up to you which one you prefer. Though some features and policies remain stubbornly in place, other features have expanded making Poshmark just a little bit better as time goes on.

Buying and reselling on Poshmark is extremely straight-forward and free for both buyers and sellers. Resellers get charged only one fee at the end of the transaction and there are no subscriptions to pay for and all features of Poshmark are available for every user, regardless of closet size or standing.

On Poshmark, your account as a seller is your "closet" - where all of your listings will exist on their site. Poshmark's main selling focuses are clothes, shoes, and accessories, though over their short tenure, they've expanded into limited housewares, health & beauty, and now pets.

Once you've listed and sold an item on Poshmark, you will be charged 1 of 2 fees: either $2.95 for anything sold for under $15.00 or 20% of the sales price for all items sold over $15.00. There are no other hidden fees associated with selling and a majority of buyers pay the flat shipping fee that Poshmark has negotiated with the US Post Office.

You can have an unlimited amount of items for sale on Poshmark in any category, though to gain more sales and to stay relevant, the site strongly encourages sharing your "closet" several times a day. Or to get and stay relevant and retain a high visibility, you can also list new things in your closet daily. 

Some drawbacks of Poshmark are there is no messaging - all communication between a buyer and seller (and other users) is all done through public comments on your listing(s). It's also very hard to offer free shipping as you can't list an item with free shipping, but you are able to offer shipping discounts and free shipping via "offer to likers" option.

Takeaways about reselling on Poshmark:

  • All shipping is priority regardless of weight up to 5 lbs
  • Shipping is a flat rate up to 5 lbs
  • You can upload up to 16 photos and 1 video to showcase your listing
  • It's free for everyone to use with no limitations, exclusions, or subscriptions
  • You must stay active on the platform to see a lot of sales
  • Negotiating with buyers is easy via offer to likers
  • Buyers and make offers on your item