Introduction to Reselling on FBMP

About 5 years ago, Facebook launched their marketplace option where FB users can buy and sell their stuff, a more friendly Craigslist and without anonymity. While buy and sell groups have existed on Facebook for years, Facebook is looking to be a big player in the local commerce / ecommerce space. Thus, we now have the latest iteration of Faceboook Marketplace (FBMP). 

You do need to have a Facebook account to buy and resell through FBMP whereas on a more anonymous and generic site like Craigslist, no account is needed. Though this may have changed recently.

FBMP offers buyers and resellers categories to search for a specific item or just browse listings like a regular Facebook feed. There are many categories in which you can buy and sell, very similar to Craigslist. 

I believe when FBMP first launched, it was a lot like Craigslist in that there was no shipping option. Nowadays, you can ship items anywhere in the country like all the other major selling platforms. Sometimes FBMP will have special offers such as free shipping which is for both the buyer and seller. A reseller can list an item and ship it for free courtesy of Facebook! But most of the time, the shipping is pretty much the same as all the other platforms.

It's very easy to list items for sale on FBMP and easy to use on either mobile or desktop. And if you're worried about your friends and family seeing items you have for sale, there is an option to hide your listing from all your FB friends. I personally always choose this option.

Shipping can be done via negotiated rates offered by FB or you can opt to ship on your own through third party shipping providers. Using FB's shipping option is by US Post Office only.

FBMP is free to use, of course as their platform in general is free to use. Currently their selling fee is 5% or a .40 cent minimum. This is by far the best selling rate out there and this might be why FBMP is growing as one of resellers' favorite places to list their items. 

Key takeaways for reselling on FBMP:

  • Lowest seller fee of all current selling platforms
  • Can ship anywhere in the US or do local pickup
  • Shipping through FBMP is by USPS only
  • Categories are much more robust than other selling platforms
  • You can rate buyers and be rated by buyers
  • Getting paid post sale takes a few days