Introduction to Reselling on Etsy

Etsy was founded in 2005 and has grown into a top competitor in the selling and reselling space. Etsy largely focuses on handmade items and craft supplies and also on vintage clothes and hard goods. To be vintage, the item must be 20 years old or more.

Etsy is free to use, but sellers will incur a .20 cent fee per listing and an additional 5% seller fee once an item sells. A seller can create a store and even create a separate store website, though I have not done this.

Etsy is best used on desktop as the app doesn't have as many features as the desktop site. Etsy is not the easiest as far as usability for a beginner, but the learning curve is low, so a newbie will get the hang of it no time.

A seller will get a "bill" every month for charges incurred, mostly those .20 cent listings. Payouts from Etsy are weekly and are deposited automatically in your account of choice.

Most sellers on Etsy are part-time or hobbyists and quite honestly, it's a marketplace that is heavily saturated and a bit harder to make a lot of sales through. I use it for a lot of my vintage clothes, primarily, especially when my price point is at least $25.00 to offset the .20 cent listing fee.

Don't be scared off by the .20 cent listing fee. If you list 20 items, you'll be charged $4.00. And if you're selling an in demand product like a vintage concert or band t-shirt, the profit will more than make up for the $4.00 cost. Just be mindful of the listing cost versus how many sales you're making, then you can decide if listing on Etsy is worth the money or not. 

Shipping is easy since you'll set that up at the time of listing, so once an item sells, the shipping is taken care of for you. Etsy encourages free shipping on items over $25.00, so that's what I go with. And since clothes are relatively lightweight, like t shirts, the shipping fee is not that bad, usually less than $5.00.

Though Etsy is not the biggest player in the ecommerce space, there are enough buyers, approximately 40 million, to bring enough attention to your stuff for sale. Just remember, your clothes and goods must be vintage or handmade, which can also mean upcycled.