Terms and Acronyms Associated With Reselling

NWT = New With Tags

NWOT = New Without Tags

OTL = Offer To Likers

CCO = Closet Clear Out

PM = Poshmark

PFF = Poshmark Friends Forever

EUC = Excellent Used Condition

MTP = Meet The Posher

BOLO = Be On the Look Out

GW = Goodwill

SA = Salvation Army

ENL = Edit Next List

COG = Cost Of Goods

ROI = Return On Investment

VA = Virtual Assistant 

NIB = New In Box

NIP = New In Package

Bread and butter: Brands or items that are solid, reliable sellers but don't turn a high profit. Aka basic brands aka "mall brands".

Mall Brands: Anything you can find in a mall or an outlet shopping center.  Think H & M, Forever 21, J Crew, DKNY, Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, American Eagle Outfitters, Aeropostale, LOFT, etc. 

Hard Goods: Broad range of products, including furniture, appliances, tools, electronics, jewelry, and sporting goods.

Soft Goods: Apparel, bedding, linens.

VSCO / VSCO Girl: One of the newest trends in looks.  Lifestyle trend comes from the name of a photo-editing app.  The name comes from the VSCO editing app, which is used for its filters that create a consistent social media aesthetic.  Swap a crop top for an oversized shirt or sweatshirt.

The Bins: AKA Goodwill Outlets or Clearance centers.  A place where clothes are literally piled into big blue bins which you can dig through.  Pay by the pound for all your finds.

Bad Buy: Something you bought and isn't selling. It could have been bought for too high of a price to make a profit or something you bought that doesn't sell for a very long time, if ever.

Deathpile / Death Pile: Really, just unlisted inventory.  But it's affectionately called a deathpile on social media.  For the resellers who source a lot, the amount of inventory piles up and doesn't get listed, hence deathpile. For a more positive spin, call it a money pile!

Stale: A listing or product that is just sitting with no action and not selling. Old.

Paying Up: When you pay a higher dollar amount for something. If your COG is $5 and under, for example, then paying $10 for a high value item would be considering paying up.

Dress Form: Sort of like a mannequin, but without a head or arms - generally just a torso and it comes with a stand. 

Flat Lay: Style of photographing items in which a "scene" is created - showing more than just the item for sale.  Think Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy.  Literally lay your item on a flat surface, add a few pieces of decor or accessories and boom, flat lay. Alternatively, a flat lay can be just the item of clothing with no additional accessories or decor.