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Taking Pictures - Equipment and Resources

Right off the bat, none of things are necessary or mandatory for taking good pictures and having your items sell.  BUT, there are plenty of folks who lack good, natural lighting in their homes or spaces, so a lighting kit is an excellent option to combat those challenges.  You can also just swap out your current light bulbs with day light bulbs - this will make a big difference and could be the cheapest and easiest option to getting good pictures.  There is also no real need to buy a fancy camera - smart phone cameras just get better and better nowadays, so don't feel like you need to invest several hundred dollars in a camera. What you have in your pocket will absolutely be just fine.


Soft box lights are bright light bulbs encased in a soft white fabric box on a stand. Think TV, film, or professional photography. 

Soft box lights are not necessary but would definitely up your game. We actually had a set from a film project we did several years ago, but have long since sold them. They provide great lighting, but they're big and take up space - also not super portable, so these are good option if you have a permanent dark room area like a basement or garage or something.

Here are two options to get an idea:

Soft Box Type

Umbrella Type


The top favorite is this from Neewer and is often on sale on Amazon. You can find and review it here.

16" Light Ring

Basic 10" Light Ring 

There are other sizes and brands - a simple search on amazon (or elsewhere) will cough up enough options to choose from.  For those selling larger items, I would recommend getting at least 14-16" to start.  For anyone selling smaller items, an 8 or 10" ring light should be just fine.  You can also look into light boxes if you are only selling smaller things.  

There are also different sizes and extras, so again a quick amazon or google search will help you narrow down what will suit your needs the best.


Pro tip: Search engines like white backgrounds

There is no rule though saying anyone has to use a white background. I currently use fake wood paper from Michael's that I patched together.  Doesn't look that great IMO, but I still use it for my flat lays.  I think I'll be upgrading to a collapsible white background - I'd like something that can tuck away when not in use.  But there are these options as well:

This is a white muslin screen type background.

This is a roll of background paper.

White brick wall with wood floor option (or no wood floor, too)

I would NOT recommend getting fabric/muslin backgrounds - unless you're an ironing or steamer whiz.  The fabric options are hard to keep completely unwrinkled and all the wrinkles will show up. It can get frustrating.

If none of these are within your budget right now or seem to hard to handle, you can just take your pictures with what you have available and use a background remover.  These are the Top 3 in the reselling world:

  • Fotofuze app
  • Snapseed

You can also check this out for 9 more background removing apps with pictures of examples and pricing info.

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