Death Piles

Unlisted Inventory and Death Piles

What Are Death Piles?

In a nutshell, your pile or stack (or whatever) of unlisted inventory.  The more it sits and/or the more you go out sourcing and add to your unlisted inventory, the more it becomes a death pile. 

I usually have a small "death pile" because I don't source frequently.  So my unlisted inventory will sit for a few days, then I'll go through it and wash it all, then on a really good day, get it all photographed.  After that, it's just a matter of sitting on the laptop for a few hours to get it listed.  I have to say, it does feel good to have no pile or stack of unlisted inventory!

How to avoid having a death pile?

Simple - list your inventory As Soon As Possible.

Resist the urge to go out sourcing - within reason.  Don't pass up a good opportunity just because you have a small or growing death pile.  

Unlisted inventory is making you $0.  

Whatever the motivation is to get things up and listed, money, not enough space, feeling claustrophobic, use it to combat a growing stack of unlisted inventory!

What to do if you find yourself with a death pile?

If I say just list it, that would be a futile suggestion, right?

So. There's several plan of attacks you can enlist:

1 - Join a death pile challenge on social media.  There's plenty of other people in the same boat.  Find them, commiserate, then encourage one another to get through your stack.

2 - Chip away at it slowly but surely. One at a time, one thing per day, 5 things per day, whatever small amount works for you, pick one and start.  Eventually that pile will dwindle down and your listed vs unlisted inventory will grow and shrink respectively!

3 - Pick one portion of getting your stuff listed.  If you have clothes, pick a day to wash it all or as much as you can.  Then the next day, photograph it all.  Then the next day, list it all.  This is my preferred method and it works for me to keep my unlisted inventory or death pile down to a minimum or non-existent.

4 - If it's hard goods you're selling, employ the above - pick a day to photograph it all, then another day to list it all. 

Pro-tip: The more you list, the more sales you'll make (ideally), so think about listing a portion of your death pile daily, like 5, 10, or 20 things a day until you're done. You'll see sales come in, I can almost guarantee it.