About Resell Thrift

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Resell Thrift has been selling online for almost a decade, off and on. We've been at it for about two years again, somewhere in between full time and part time. Lots of mistakes were made in the beginning, but now we're more adept at finding things that will actually sell. We've also ventured into selling clothing rather than focusing solely on hard goods. Since making this change in our business model, we've had a fairly significant increase in sales.

We're located in sunny Southern California with access to a good variety of thrifting sources. We also are very close to the infamous "bins" and source there as often as we can. We're also fortunate to have a local chain of thrift stores with 3 locations near us, and a fourth on its way.

We've had our hands in several small businesses over the years, including vending machines, and print on demand t-shirts, but our favorite so far is reselling thrift store finds.

Resell Thrift aims to help and guide beginners and seasoned experts through the world of online reselling. We're working on an ebook and video tutorial, so stay tuned!